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It is understood that the "Suspended" General Manager of Cellnet is still turning up at the Cellnet office each day and appears to be working normally, is he or isn't he ?

PNG's silver jubilee
Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta announced that nationwide festivities will mark 25 years of Independence. The theme for the occasion had been chosen and translated in English, Tok Pisin and Motu - "Walking Together", "Wokabaut Wantaim" and "Raka Hebou". A public holiday has been declared for Friday, September 15 because the Independence Day September 16 falls on Saturday.

Artifical Limbs
Port Moresby has just opened its own artificial limb factory. The prosthetic centre was officially opened at a low-key ceremony by the chairman of the Port Moresby General Hospital Board Sir Brian Bell. It is expected the new centre will fit up to about 60 to 80 amputees with artificial limbs yearly from within and other parts of the country.

Fiji Crisis
British Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, John Battle, who is on a short visit to Papua New Guinea has called for PNG to be included in the talks to help resolve the crisis in Fiji.
Mail services to Fiji and the Solomon Islands have been suspended due to the current problems in the two countries.

Heart Operations
A doctor, specialist heart surgeons Dr Ian Nicholson from Australia, who helped perform heart operations on 27 patients (20 of them children) at Port Moresby General Hospital last week said it was interesting to see how a simple operation can change a young life. Most of the patients underwent open-heart operations while others received closed-heart operations.

Eastern Highlands
Eastern Highlands teachers have called on the Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, to sack the Education Minister John Waiko. More than 3000 teachers and supporters marched to the (provincial government) recently, calling on the government to increase their salary by 200%. The teachers said their demands were "not negotiable".

Goroka Show
The Goroka Show will take place as scheduled from Sept 15 to Sept 17 despite rumours that it has been cancelled. A committee has been formed to organise the show, which will be staged as scheduled at the National Sports Institute as part of PNG's 25th independence anniversary celebrations. The new show committee is made up of prominent Eastern Highlanders.
A Women's Cultural Show will be held in the Eastern Highlands from July 22 to 23. It is hoped that the show will become an annual event.

Mining and Petroleum
The Prime Minister, Sir Mekere Morauta, has said that the mining and petroleum industries can look forward to more stable and predictable taxation policies soon, yesterday. He told Parliament that his Cabinet had requested the taxation review headed by Sir Nagora Bogan to develop a framework and mechanism that would guarantee a stable fiscal environment for resource projects.

Stranded Ship
The ship that is stranded on the reef within viewing distance of Port Moresby has had cargo and oil removed in a bid to refloat the vessel. the salvage company is expecting the job to take under 28 days.

Kieta wharf
A local landowner group has been given the appointment as the port authority which, hopefully, will give Kieta a new lease of life in trouble stricken Bougainville.

Telecommunications Authority
The Information and Communications Minister, Peter Waieng, is working to set up a communications department as there is none at present. He also wants to set up a telecommunication authority board to look into policies that are being overlooked in the country at the moment.

Minister Waieng has been reported as wanting at least two more service providers to compete with Cellnet for cellular and internet traffic in PNG, has he done his homework?

Internet Monopoly
The Information and Communications Minister has also foreshadowed amendments to current laws to remove the monopoly currently enjoyed by the State-run Pacific Mobile Communications which provides the "gateway" to Internet access.

Media tribunal
The British Government has donated K38,000 to help establish a complaints tribunal by the PNG Media Council. Some of the funding will also be used to help draw up a Code of Ethics and Practice for the media Industry.

Beche-de-mer, Milne Bay
The provincial chairman for fisheries and research Patrick Dindilo said in Alotau recently that local fishermen and resource owners in the Milne Bay Province should not be worried about strict measures being taken to stop beche-de-mer (sea slugs) being sent from the province. The restriction only affected buyers who were re-selling or moving the produce to other provinces for export.

Small Business in PNG
According to a lecturer in communication for development at the University of Technology Dr John Rivers, the need to make large payments back into a village business group (to maintain harmony among clan members) made running successful businesses in villages challenging. He went on to say that it is not surprising that many village development initiatives fail to repay loans to banks and become dysfunctional after a year or so."

PNG Food and Nutrition
A PNG Food and Nutrition conference will be held at the University of Technology from the 26th to the 30th of June. 125 papers will be presented at the conference.

Central Province, Magi Highway The people of Central Province along the Magi highway have been suffering with several bridges being washed away during the recent heavy rainstorms.

Anglican Church
The Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby received a welcome gift of K20,000 from the Prime Minister during a recent Pentecost celebration held at the St Mary's Church in Gerehu. The special service of all Anglican Churches in the Diocese was held in the open and managed to dodge any rainstorms

United Nations Concert
The United Nations Concert to be held on Saturday at the Port Moresby International School was cancelled due to the heavy rain but was held successfully on Sunday. Like the Anglican service they also managed to dodge the rain.

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I'm trying to find out about my father, who was David Bamford and who died in New Guinea late 1980. He was senior in tourism, and involved in local Pacific Arts festivals. we had no contact, and I've no way of getting more information - I'd be so grateful if any of you know anything, or can suggest ways of accessing more information?



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