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Welcome to the



Neo Melanesian

"Pidgin English"

Neo Melanesian English
klia clear/empty
ples klia clearing
ples nating / ples klia empty space
mumu ground oven / cooking pit
naip knife
nait night / evening
namba number
nambawan best / first rate
nambawan nogut worst
niuspepa newspaper / magazine
nogut bad / no good / useless
opim open
opis/ofis office
orait all right
painim look for
papamama parents

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Parliament House
Parliament House

Check Your Vehicle
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Tavurvur, East New Britain
Tavurvur, East New Britain

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PNG in the News

Arrest over PNG arrow attack on Kiwi --

Education gets budget's cream --

Private schools want part in free education --

Male circumcision and HIV in PNG --

Anglimps want to stay in WHP --

China gives to Port Mresby General Hospital --

Air Niugini suspends two senior managers --

B’ville’s beer, cigar prices to rise --

PNG police consider possible ransom demand for missing scientists --

Governors car torched in PNG protest --

Misc Links

An old US War Department manual about "New Guinea" --

Kokopo Village Resort --

Things to do in Port Moresby --

Tourists are the attraction --

Ela Murray School --

PNG Travel Site --

Very long trip report (Hagen, Mt Wilhelm, Wewak, Muschu Island --

Payback killings are primitive --

Island Rules for Where Birds Live --

Ukarumpa --

PNG University of Technology --

The Office of Higher Education --

Paradise in Papua New Guinea --

PNG Blogs

cloudpng@Port Moresby --

NCDC Blog --

POM Grammer Celebrates Independence --

Dr Nadile also blew the whistle on Ramu mine work visa abuses --

The Namorong Report --

Only in Lae --

PNG Images

The 36th PNG Independence Day Celebrations --

Dedication photos to the Kokoda Campaign WWII PNG --

Rabaul Then and Now --

Rabaul Cops --

Skerah on YouTube --

Teaching Japanese to a class at Mount Hagen International School --

News Items

Airlines May Merge

The government says both Air Niugini and Airlines of PNG are struggling. Air Niugini is government owned and Airlines of PNG is a publicly listed company. A combined airline would have a near-monopoly but State Enterprises Minister Sir Mekere Morauta says it would be good for the travelling public. It is likely that Air Niugini would have a majority of shares in the new merged airline.


APNG Expansion

In conjunction with code-share partner, Virgin Australia, Airlines PNG (APNG) has announced expanded flights from the 1st of November into the Australian and New Zealand domestic markets. The agreement will initially be applied in Port Moresby / Brisbane to Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville and Auckland and vice versa with additional destinations to be rolled out.


Bilateral Consultation

The initial bilateral consultation on the Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA) between the Governments of PNG and Solomon Islands has been held in Port Moresby from 12th - 13th September 2011.


Daru Still In Shambles

After 36 years of independence, one town has nothing to show. The once peaceful town of Daru in Western province is on the verge of collapsing and the impact is being felt around this vast province.


PX Baggage Allowance

Air Niugini has recently increased the baggage allowance for passengers travelling on its Australian routes - Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney. Economy passengers are now allowed 23 kilos and for business class it has increased to 33 kilos. Executive Club members and Destination loyalty members receive a bigger allowance. The new baggage allowance will only apply to Air Niugini's Australian routes but not to destinations beyond Australia on other carriers.

Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated around the country. The Governor General Sir Michael Ogio said in his Independence Day address to the nation that the Government must seriously look at making land available for housing. --

City residents mark 36 years of nationhood in peace --

Happy 36th --

Pacific Marine Industrial Zone Study

The Catholic Church is to carry out a study on the PMIZ (Pacific Marine Industrial Zone) proposed for Madang. The study is meant to help inform the Catholic Bishops' Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands about what is happening.


Inaugural 'Dulux Cup'

Cricket made a successful return to Madang in PNG with the staging of the first 3 rounds of the inaugural 'Dulux Cup' over Independence weekend.


Somare Loses Bid

Sir Michael Somare has lost his bid in the National Court to keep his seat in parliament as the matter was likely to form part of an ongoing Supreme Court case. The judge said "The Supreme Court is the best court to decide these issues."



Former PNG PM slams Somare's ousting --

Hiri Hanenamo Queen

Vagi Arua is the 2011 Hiri Hanenamo Queen. Other awards were given to Alice Daure of Taurama (first runner-up), Kaia Shirley Sam from Poreporena Laurabada (Miss Friendship) and Ranu Veari from Poreporena Laurabada (Miss Fashion). The 2010 Miss Hanenamo Kaia Hila was among the judges and witnessed the crowning.

2012 Elections

Preparations for the 2012 general elections are underway. The first draft of the electoral roll will be for perusal at the end of October. It is expected the elections will cost the Electoral Commission around K240 million. In most PNG elections there are always reports of over and under enrolment in some electorates.


WWII Remains Identified

The U.S. Department of Defence has announced the remains of a soldier, missing since a World War II bombing run over Rabaul, have been identified and have been buried with long-overdue military honours,


Remains of nine WWII servicemen buried in single casket --

Rabaul Volcano Watched

The Rabaul Volcano Observatory says occurrence of tremors suggests the possibility of resumption of ash fallout from Mt Tavurvur volcano in East New Britain.

see also --

Lae Roadwork

Another 100 million kina is being injected into the repair of Lae roads under the 2012 national budget. An investigation is also being held into how funds for the Lae roads rehabilitation project has been spent. Future roadwork in Lae will be tendered for. Future plans will see the road from Lae to Nadzab made into a four-lane road. A lack of maintenance has often given Lae the title of Pot Hole City although many towns around the country could win this title from time to time.

PNG passes budget --

Oxford Wins Contract

Oxford First Aid Supply, a local company, has been contracted to supply science equipment to selected schools in the highlands by the Department of Education and Central Supply and Tenders Board. The contract is worth K5.1 million and the company will supply the highlands out of their Goroka office.

2015 Pacific Games

The government has allocated an initial amount of K20 million to start preparations for the hosting of the Pacific Games. The PNG Sports Foundation says it needs more than K1.2 billion to host the 2015 games. It is anticipated that this figure will blow out to K3 billion by the games are held. PNG made a commitment in 2009 to host the games.

Bulolo VSat

Telikom PNG has received a total of K258,720 from the Minister for National Planning and Wau-Bulolo MP Sam Basil for the provision of six new VSat communication systems in Bulolo. There are already 12 VSat systems installed in the various rural districts in Basil's electorate.


Former Cabinet Minister Missing

Former cabinet minister and Pomio MP, Paul Tiensten, has gone missing after police in East New Britain asked him to report to the Kokopo police station to answer questions over the alleged misappropriation of K10 million in development funds in his electorate.


Police PMV

Police in the Finschhafen district of Morobe province are allowing two of their vehicles, a Landcruiser utility and a Landcruiser troop carrier, to be used as Public Motor Vehicles. The vehicles are transporting passengers for a fee to cover the cost of fuel to keep the vehicle running.


Pineapple Fragrant Stamps

Post PNG Philatelic Bureau, in its quest to produce innovative products have incorporated the actual fragrance of the pineapple to some of its postage stamps.


PNG's Wealth Squandered

During an Independence Day speech Prime Minister O’Neil has said that, after almost four decades of independence, the vast majority of Papua New Guineans were still denied basic services, remained powerless and were made to be mere recipients of government handouts.

Pacific Scoop --

Government on Facebook

The O'Neill - Namah Government PNG Government has a facebook page --

Coming Events

Note: please verify any date mentioned as dates change and events can sometimes get cancelled. Of course I may also put down a wrong date.

Morobe Show - 15th and 16th October

Canoe and Kundu Festival, Alotau: 4th - 6th November

Lae Game Fishing Club Billfish Tournament - 13th Nov

National Elections - Scheduled for June 2012

2012 PNG Games - Kokopo, East New Britain

Olympic boxing qualifying tournament - April 2012

2012 Milne Bay Critter & Adventure Expeditions with Bob Halstead & Graham Abbott
Milne Bay-Critters-Milne Bay: 17th April 2012 to 29th April 2012
Milne Bay-Critters-Milne Bay: 1st May 2012 to 13th May 2012
Alotau-Adventure Diving-Kimbe Bay: 15th May 2012 to 30th May 2012

Pacific Mini Games - Wallis and Futuna 2013

2013 Pacific Netball Series (hosted by Fiji)

Full Pacific Games - PNG 2015 --

Pacific Mini Games - Vanuatu 2017

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