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This is the homepage of the Papua New Guinea Ring. It was last updated on the 9th of May, 2010

The ring was started in August, 1998, to promote Websites with a Papua New Guinea (PNG) content and their authors. You don't have to be from PNG but your website must have PNG content to be eligible to join the ring. Rings which are submitted without any obvious PNG content will be deleted.

The Papua New Guinea Ring contains PNG homepages from around the web, all linked together.  From any PNG Ring site you can click on the Next Site link to reach the next page in the ring. Continually doing so would eventually take you back to where you started. You can also jump over the next site to the following page or get a list of pages/sites, allowing you to continue in the ring when a page or system is unreachable.

Tropical Paradise

NOTE: To be added to the PNG Ring, your site must have something to do with Papua New Guinea. (no offensive language or content, etc is allowed as school children are known to use these pages for research on PNG)

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How to join The Papua New Guinea Ring

Here are the steps that need to be followed to join the Papua New Guinea Ring.
Please follow them closely to preserve the integrity of the ring!

The Papua New Guinea Ring code must go on the page which deals with PNG. Please do not place it on another page. The whole idea of a ring is that people can surf from one similar site to another similar site. If people can't find the PNG Ring code then you have basically broken the ring.

It is prefered that you do not place more than one ring on any one page. Placing more than one ring on a page immediately gives the surfer an opportunity to surf off in the opposite direction. i.e away from the PNG Ring.

[ Papua New Guinea Ring ]

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Before Submitting please print out this page!
and read and understand the notes below.

Please note that the PNG Ring retains the right to refuse or discontinue membership of any site at any time for any reason etc.

Membership is granted at the sole discretion of the PNG Ring ringmaster...

PLEASE NOTE!! You have 7 days, after submitting your site to the queue, to add the HTML fragment to your page/s. Otherwise you will be deleted from the queue and will have to reapply if you want to be in the ring.

PLEASE NOTE 2!! Your URL must have something to do with Papua New Guinea. Preferably a couple of pages but single page sites are accepted. Pages without an obvious Papua New Guinea content will be deleted from the ring without warning.

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